At Dominion, we are privileged to have very capable, talented, and professional volunteers to teach your children, while you enjoy each service. Learning begins from day one, so we don't just baby-sit your child; we teach them the love of God from the time they enter the room to the time they leave. Each of our volunteers has gone through an extensive application process that includes a background check, interviews with our staff, and ongoing training classes. We believe that your children are very important! Even in the bible, Jesus say "And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." We've included all the different ministries within the Children's Department here with brief descriptions to help you know exactly what we have to offer.


Infants - 2 year

We are so thrilled to have your child be a part of our nursery. Our nursery meets every service (Sunday Mornings & Wed. Nights). Here are some helpful hints when arriving...

  • Please come to our welcome center to check in your child. Your child will receive a name tag and the parent/guardian will receive a number tag that is used for pick up (to identify the child with the parent).
  • All rooms are opened 15 minutes prior to service for check in
  • Please label all belongings (cups, bottles, pacifiers...) with your child's name; markers and stickers are available in every room.
  • Don't forget to bring that number tag to pick up your child. We will not release a child to someone without the tag. (SAFETY FIRST)

Our classes are divided by age (infants, 1's, 2's) and are staffed by 2 volunteers each week. Age appropriate toys and curriculum are used in each class. Our teachers incorporate songs, stories, puppets and crafts to help the children learn about God's love and the Bible. A small snack is given each week (cheerios, goldfish, etc.), so please adivse your child's teacher of any food allergies or medical conditions they need to be aware of.

3 year - Kindergarden (Must be potty trained)

Our Pre-K church (DC KIDS JR.) meets each Sunday Morning during the second service time frame. Children get the opportunity to receive worship times, puppet shows, creative lessons, craft times, play time and so much more. Our children learn the entire books of the bible!!! Your Child will absolutely love our DC Kids Jr Church!

1-5 Grade

Children's Church (DC KIDS CHURCH) meets each Sunday at 10:45am. Our DC KIDS Church format incorporates lively worship, interactive media, creative teaching, and prayer to challenge children to live whole-heartedly for God. It's also a very fun and exciting place for your child to learn more about being a Christian and meet other kids their age.


MPact Kids (Preschool Boys & Girls ages 3 and up)

Kids Club is a ministry for our preschool age children, boys and girls. This is known as the Rainbows Club. Through interactive Bible stories, games, crafts and activities they will begin to learn how they can live for God and make a difference even at their young age.


MPact Girls (Kinder - 5th Grade)

Mpact is a program for all girls in Kindergarten to fifth grade. This is an awesome opportunity for our young ladies to build friendships and grow in their faith together while learning scriptures and developing valuable life skills. Our goal for the Girls Ministries at Dominion Church is teach our girls how to live and exemplify a Godly life so that they grow up to be strong women of God. Mpact Girls Clubs provides an environment of support and accountability while helping girls to develop their gifts and abilities. They can advance through the clubs by memorizing scripture and completing unit projects.


We offer age appropriate clubs so each girl is able to discover her gifts and abilities at an appropriate pace. Listed below are the different clubs available for your girls.


Daisies: The Sonshine Club - For kindergarten girls


Darcy, Diana, and Dorie (paper dolls) help Daisies make life applications from the Bible stories and principles they learn. Daisies earn colorful badges depicting these club characters as they complete requirements for the achievement program. Four-week units allow visitors to fit in right away. Club sponsors and girls select the nine units they want to complete during the year.


Prims: The Discovery Club - For 1-2 grade girls


Megan, Carmen, Kim, and Tonya guide Prims through life-application stories as the girls learn biblical principles. The Discovery Box stores lesson-related objects to be displayed during lesson time to make learning even more fun. Prims earn colorful badges depicting these club characters as they complete requirements for the achievement program. Units can be completed in 4 weeks. Only 18 units need to be completed in 2 years.


Stars Club - For 3-5 grade girls


Girls make their way up the Stairway of the Stars achievement program as they complete units in the four worlds: The World of Truth (basic Christian doctrine), The World Around You (missions), The World About You (activities), and The World Within You (character development). Memorization, projects, and Bible reading are all a part of completing the achievement program as an Honor Star. Four-week units are supplemented with projects and Adventures.


Royal Rangers is a mentoring ministry for next generation men! Today's boy is tomorrow's man. The best time to train a man is while he's still a boy. Royal Rangers offers character and servant leadership education to boys (K-5th) grade in a highly relational, fun, and interactive environment.

Our purpose is to shape boys’ lives with Godly direction and character while teaching life skills. Each Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. boys, from kindergarten through 5th grade, meet for training, devotion and lots of fun. Each boy is given the responsibility to work through the various advancements at each level of the program.

Dominion Church has two age groups to allow boys to advance with their peers at an appropriate pace.

Ranger Kids (Kinder - 2nd Grade), includes a challenging and fun advancement system encouraging boys through indoor and outdoor activities and games. The weekly lessons and objectives help to reinforce godly principles in their daily lives. They will have the opportunity to achieve special badges as they complete each unit and memorize scriptures.

Discovery Rangers (3-5 Grade) uses merit units to teach the boys Bible truths and life skills. They work through the Bible learning how God wants us to live. We then apply practical application so they can life to the fullest shining their light for God.

Our Children's ministry provides a "Sunday School" setting during the 1st service on Sunday Mornings (9am - 10:30am). This is a highly fun and relational atmosphere with crafts, games and a bible story. We break out our children into age appropriate groups during this time.

  • Pre-K / Kinder
  • 1-2 Grade
  • 3-5 Grade