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senior pastors

Greg and Deena Thurstonson pioneered Dominion Church in the Spring of 1996 with a core group of 30 people. Today the church runs over 400 in attendance each week and is continuing to grow. After years of meeting in hotels and shopping centers in and around the Clear Lake area, the church purchased its first property in August of 2005 located in League City, TX. Pastors Greg & Deena have over twenty-five years of ministerial experience. Greg graduated from Southwestern Assembies of God University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Education. In addition to being a full-time pastor, Greg is a board-certified Faith-Based Counselor. He travels extensively as a speaker at various conferences, camps, revivals and retreats. He also serves on a number of boards within our community and among our fellowship. Some of these include the Board at Interfaith Caring Ministries of League City, as well as serving as liaison for the faith-based community in the Galveston County Health District. He mentors several pastors and serves on the boards of Access Church in Pearland, LifePointe Church in Pearland, and GraceHill Community Church in Dallas. Deena is a gifted worship leader and has been sought-out to lead worship at camps and conventions, including the South Texas District Council. They have been married over twenty years and have two beautiful daughters, Taylor and Morgan.



executive pastors

Clint & Casey have served Dominion Church since January of 2002. They started out serving as volunteer youth pastors before coming on board full time staff (as the youth pastors) in June of 2005. Currently they serve in the office of Associate Pastors. Clint earned his BBA in Finance from University of Houston where he also played football. He worked as an accountant for ExxonMobil before coming on full-time at the church. Casey has her Master's degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Houston and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Currently she works as a Theraputic Educational Consultant and Parent Coach for Academic Answers. They have a true passion to see the local church shine and bring life-change to people's lives. They also have a true passion for traveling, eating lots of food and spending quality time with their 2 kids and 3 pets.



Childrens Pastor

Kacey serves as Dominion Church’s Childrens Pastor with her husband Aaron by her side. Overseeing nursery through 5th graders, Kacey has a heartfelt passion for serving God, Dominion Church, and the community. Her heart for ministry and ability to bring the gospel to children in a new and creative way make her a vital role to our staff. She graduated from Evangel University with a Bachelor's degree in Intercultural Studies and Spanish, and is pursuing her calling to medical missions. Kacey has attended Dominion Church since Summer 2007 and has been on staff for the past 7 years. 





Youth Pastor

Cody and Lexus Rost serve as the Student Pastors. They met at Houston Master’s Commission, where Cody earned his Bachelor’s Degree in General Ministries and Lexus received her degree in Youth Ministry. Lexus is also currently pursuing her degree in finance from the University of Houston Downtown. They married in 2016 and have served as Student Pastors for 3 years prior to joining the DC Staff in June 2018. Cody and Lexus have a passion for teenagers and their desire is to instill in students a Strong foundation in Christ that will continue into the next chapter God has planned for their lives.





Executive Assistant

 Tiffany serves as the Dominion Church Executive Assistant. Tiffany and her husband Lee have 20 years of extensive full time ministry experience which include 6 years of youth ministry, 4 years as associate Pastors and 10 years as Senior Pastors. Tiffany and Lee met at Southwestern Assembly of God and have been married for 21 years. They have 2 sons Canaan, 14 and Noah, 11. Tiffany has a desire to see the local church functioning in its full potential and purpose. She is passionate about leading our community to Christ, strengthening one another through relationships and growing together through Worship and God’s Word. We are a family, holding one another up through difficult seasons of life, and celebrating with each other during joyous seasons. 





Business Administrator

Dianne has been a member of Dominion Church since 2003. She has worked in corporate America for 30+ years in all areas of Accounting and Finance. She obtained a Bachelors in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. She began volunteering in 2017 1 day a week, then 3 days a week and was hired full time January 2018. She has been involved and committed to the local church all her life and has served this church and serves the South Texas District as a leader in Girls Ministries. Dianne has 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren that keep her young.

The Bible is the bottom line. (2 Timothy 3:15-17; 1 Thes. 2:13; 2 Peter 1:21)

God is God–revealed in three persons...Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Duet. 6:4; Isa 43:10-11; Matt 28:19)

Jesus is God’s son, firstborn and only born. (Matt 1:23; Heb 7:26; 1 Peter 2:22; Acts 10:38)

Man messed up and fell in sin. (Gen 1:26, 27; 2:17; 3:6; Rom 5:12-19)

Although we don’t deserve it we can be saved. (Luke 24:47; John 3:3; Rom 10:13-15; Eph 2:8; 4:24)

Water baptism and Holy Communion are 2 ordinances of the church. (Matt 28:19; Mark 16:16; 2 Pet 1:4)

The Holy Spirit can change and empower your life. (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4-8; 1 Cor 12:1-31; John 7:37-39; Acts 2:42, 43)

You are empowered by the spirit when you receive a spirit language. (Acts 2:4; 10-44-46; 19:6; 1 Cor 12:4-10, 28)

We ought to live right, act right and become more like Jesus. (Rom 12:1, 2; 1 Thes 5:23; Heb 12:4; 13:12; 1 Pet 1:5,15-16)

The church’s job is to help people find God. (Mat 28:19-20; Acts 1:8; Eph 3:10; John 4:23, 24; 1 Cor 12:28; 14:12)

God calls some into full-time ministry. (Mark 16:15-20; John 4:23-24; Eph 4:11-16)

God can still heal. (Isa 53:4, 5; Mat 8:16, 17; James 5:14-16)

Jesus is coming again. (Rom 8:23; 1 Cor 15:51-52; 1 Thes 4:13-18; Titus 2:13)

We will reign on the earth with Jesus. (Rev 19:11-14; Zech 14:5; Math 24:27-30; Rev 20:1-6; Rom 11:26, 27; Isa 11:6-9)

There will be a judgment day. (Mat 25:46; Mark 9:43-48; Rev 19:20; 21:7, 8)

Heaven is real. (2 Peter 3:13; Rev 21-22)

Pastors Greg and Deena Thurstonson pioneered Dominion Church in April of 1996 with a core group of about 30 members. Today, Dominion is a growing church with over 500 in attendance each week. Although Dominion is an Assemblies of God Church, we attract people from all different backgrounds, denominations, and faiths.

The Hotel Years

In the early years, Dominion met in the main ballroom at the Nassau Bay Hilton. At times, scheduling conflicts would force the church to meet at a nearby Holiday Inn. Despite this, the church still continued to grow.

The Shopping Center Years

In the summer of 2002, we moved into a shopping center in League City that provided us with 6,000 square feet of our own space. By 2004, we had outgrown our new home and began looking for our own property.

401 Landing Blvd
In May 2005, the leadership started searching for a place to call home. We purchased our very own property for the first time in August 2005. With God's help, we renovated 13,000 square feet of space from a State Farm claims center into a beautiful house of worship, where we saw God move and work powerfully for over 10 years. 

6400 Calder

In August 2008, Dominion Church stepped out in faith and purchased 30.5 acres of land in the heart of League City. After years of prayer, vision, and faith,  we were ready to break ground in January 2015. Exactly one year later, after hours of meetings, lots of rain, and loads of prayer, we held our first service in our brand new building on January 3, 2016. 

The Future

We are always looking ahead to what God has in store for our future. Our current building is just Phase 1 of our building project. As we pray and ask God to send us a harvest of souls from within our community, we know that it won't be long before we get started on Phase 2 of our building, and turn our current building into a world class center for our kids and youth ministries!

We are very committed to our young attenders here at Dominion Church. We believe that the training process of a child starts as infants. Whether your child is an infant or in the 5th grade, there is something for them here at DC. We want to partner with our parent and be a help in the child’s learning about Jesus!

We have something for every age group.

  • Nursery – Infants – 2 year
  • Pre-K / Kinder (3 yr – Kinder)
  • Elementary (1-5 grade)

Bring your kiddos to our welcome center before one of our services and get them signed up and registered for one of our classes!




We have a ministry here at Dominion that is geared directly for our Jr High and High School students. From a weekly mid-week service, to camps, retreats and fun events, students are challenged to live a life that will shine bright the message of Jesus. Click here for more details about our youth ministry.

When do you meet?

We meet each Sunday at 10:00am for our corporate celebration service. Wednesday evenings, we have our mid-week bible study at 7:00pm.


Where are you located?

We are located at 6400 Calder Dr in Dickinson, TX.


Where do my children go once I get to the church? 

Prior to our morning services and or our Wed. Night services, all children must be checked in at the "Welcome Center". All children's classes are located near the sanctuary. When you come in the main entrance, you may ask one of the greeters to show you where the Welcome Center is located... and from there, one of our Children's Leaders will show you to your child's specific class location. Parents must personally check in and check out their child. Click here to see the Children's Ministry page for more information.

What should I expect at Service? 

In our Sunday Services (9am & 10:45am), you will experience passionate PRAISE and Worship led by Pastor Deena Thurstonson. You will experience PRAYER… because we believe that things change when we pray! It's the foundation of Dominion Church, therefore we will have a time of concentrated prayer for people that have a need. You will also be encouraged and inspired by the PREACHED Word given by our Senior Pastor, Greg Thurstonson. Most of all – you will experience God's PRESENCE in our time together on Sunday Morning, because that is what we value the most!

We guarantee that you will not experience “church as usual”. We feel that Sunday Worship should be very purposed and that the Holy Spirit should have His way in our service. You'll Laugh (because we value lots of humor in our day). You'll Cry… You might even have fun at church (now there's a thought).

We look forward to having you as a part of this Sunday Worship Experience.

How can I learn more about Dominion?

Browsing around our website is a great start! Visiting us in person a few times can also help you learn more about who we are. For those wanting to learn more about the vision, philosophy, and leadership of Dominion Church or interested in membership... we invite you to attend one of our quarterly membership classes for dinner, fellowship, and information. Contact our church office for more info on this class.