DC Youth is the youth ministry at Dominion Church . We are all about Reaching Students. Making Disciples.

Who Can Come to DC Youth:
The grade range for our ministry is 6th – 12th grade. We promote our upcoming 5th graders in August.

Why do we have DC Youth:
Why do we have a student ministry? We feel that students today have a very real and violent battle against their faith. We inspire students to live a life devoted to Christ through a variety of ways... like our Wed. Night service, Life Groups on Sunday, media, weekend retreats, camps and a leadership program we call Pinnacle.

Our hope is to come along side each parent and encourge their kids to live a life for Christ. We believe in the family unit and the power it holds in a kid's life.

When & Where is VSM:
We meet weekly on Wednesday nights at Dominion Church from 7:00 – 8:00pm. Our Jr. High kids meet for Sunday Morning Small Groups during the 1st service at 9:00am and the Highschool kids meet during the 2nd service at 10:45am. We also do a lot of other events as well.

Who Leads DC Youth:
Our Student Pastor is Cody Rost. We are committed to leading students through a team of leaders... having a number of adults that commit their time and efforts to the young people of our church. We believe that it's better to have as many influences in their lives as possible during their teen years.