Phase  2  building  project

Dominion Church is expanding to "Make Room" for God to do even more! 
Watch this video for an overview.

A  Letter  from  our  Pastor

Welcome to one of the most exciting seasons in the history of Dominion Church! This is our chance to "Make Room" for God’s presence and God’s power in a way that touches every home and every heart in our community.
Twenty-eight years ago, Dominion Church started off with a handful of people and a dream of God building something that would outlive and outlast us. In those years, we have seen what only God can do. As we step into a new season, God is calling us to “step out of our now and into our next.” As we break ground on this new project, we will enlarge our buildings to “Make Room” for the generations to come.
Our mission for this campaign is simple…
  • Expand Our Reach: We're removing the limitations that currently exist because we are at full-capacity. We are being intentional about building spaces that will enlarge our facility and draw more people to this property, even on days that are not Sunday.
  • Empower the Next Gen: We want to create spaces and programs that support the spiritual growth of our children and youth. A newly designed children’s wing and gymnasium will serve our Next Gen ministries along with the community.
  • Embrace Generosity: We're making room in our hearts for generosity, showing our commitment to our church's mission and vision. We believe that what we invest here will have a supernatural, exponential impact on the years to come.
We hear God saying that it’s time to tear down the walls of limitations and to build up a place of habitation for His people. So buckle up, get on the edge of your seat, and get ready, because together we’re going to make history by making room for others.
Pastor Greg Thurstonson

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Make  a  Pledge

We invite you to partner with us as we "Make Room" for more at Dominion Church. You can give a one-time gift and/or make a pledge to give over a three-year period.

Ways  to  Give

Dominion Church accepts:
*online giving
*investment assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds)

You can give online here by selecting "Building Fund" in the dropdown menu.

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