Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Dominion Church is committed to reaching people for Christ, across the street and around the world !

Across the Street (Local Outreach)
At Dominion Church we believe that the giving of ourselves to others and reaching out into our community is really the heart of God. We support, financially and physically, local ministries that are meeting the practical and spiritual needs of the people. With things such as food drives, toy drives, and nursing home visits, we value others within our own community.

Around the world (World Outreach)
From the beginning of Dominion Church , we have been committed to world missions. Whether it's in the monthly support of missionaries and ministries across the world, or funding the construction of 5 churches around the world, our heart is to see the gospel preached everywhere to everyone.

Join the mission


Here at Dominion Church we are all about the mission of Reaching People and Making Disciples.   We believe it's more than a hope and dream, it's a way of life.  

Encourage our active missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.

Meet Our Missionaries

Matt Hoogendorn

Chi Alpha - University of Houston

Kyle Murphy

Chi Alpha - Texas A&M

Claudine Ackerman

Home Missions

Aaron Morgan


Kennon Briggs


Galveston County Food Bank

Home Missions

Holly Tucker


Pleasant Hills Children's Home

Home Missions

Jacob Jester


Joshua Beaty

Chi Alpha - Texas Tech

Jason Goldsberry


Something Beautiful

Home Missions

 Fallis Family

In a sensitive location

Christopher Rau

Chi Alpha - Texas A&M

Anchor Point

Home Missions

Action Ministry

Home Missions

Kirk & Stephanie Clawson

Anti-Trafficking Ministry

Paul Gracza


Chance Abbot

Jared Gibler

Youth Alive

Home Missions

Caleb & Claire Johnson

James Kautz

North Africa

Church Health - Home Missions

Celebrate Hope

Pregnancy & Parenting Center

Home Missions

Home Missions

Floyd Graham

Dick Herman



Home Missions

Chattra Tamang


Chi Alpha -  Texas State

Kendall Reavis

Church Planting

Terry Allen

Leadership Development